Sprint. Super. Beast
The Trifecta is the ultimate annual challenge — three epic races of increasing difficulty in a single year. Complete it, and you'll not only earn the most-coveted medal in OCR; you'll be fundamentally transformed inside and out.
About Trifecta

To earn the Spartan Trifecta, new and returning athletes must finish three of our signature obstacle races in a single race season, typically a 12 month period.*

Trifecta Races:

  • Spartan Sprint® OR Spartan Stadion® — 5k, 20 obstacles
  • Spartan Super® — 10k, 25 obstacles
  • Spartan Beast® — 21k, 30 obstacles OR Spartan Ultra® — 50k, 60 obstacles

*This year’s Trifecta race season is November 8, 2021 to December 31, 2022

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At the finish line of each race, every athlete receives a medal, plus a magnetic Trifecta Wedge. Once you complete your third race, your three wedges will snap together to create the most-coveted medal in OCR.

You can also find special, commemorative displays to showcase your unbreakable achievement.


At fan-favorite Trifecta Weekends, some athletes dare complete all three races in one weekend. These adventures take place at destination venues worldwide.


A small, but growing, group of Spartans are dedicated to not only finding their limits but shattering them.

These battle-hardened athletes strive to earn more than one Trifecta in the same year, with some earning three, five and even 20. With custom multi-Trifecta medals around their necks, these efforts do not go unnoticed.

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Not only do your Trifectas add up during a single year, but your accomplishments are also tracked throughout your entire racing career.

Every year at the Trifecta World Championship in Sparta, Greece, a special ceremony is held to recognize those who have added to their “lifetime” Trifecta count. A wide array of custom awards are given out to top "lifetime" Trifecta earners, with the current leader having 86 Trifectas and counting.

Lifetime rankings

By completing a Trifecta, you earn entry into the following year's Trifecta World Championship on the hallowed grounds of Sparta, Greece.

This iconic event, held each November, is more than Trifecta Weekend. It's a culturally immersive adventure with Spartans from every corner of the world.

Every year, Trifecta finishers gather in Sparta, Greece, to compete in the storied Trifecta World Championship. Athletes race a Sprint, Super and Beast, celebrate ancient Greek culture with a global unbreakable community and more, all in one weekend.


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